Christmas in Penza

January 3, 2005
Baby Shower & Fireworks Girls' Party

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DSC02242 DSC02243 DSC02244 DSC02246
Fireworks girls draw babies Angelica and family take
a shot at drawing

Angelica announces the
baby drawing winners

Katya helps Marina
swaddle her bear
DSC02253 DSC02254 DSC02255 DSC02256
Sarah, Siobhan, Aimee,
Christina, Ina, & Yasya pose
Marie and Galya sip tea
as Angelica opens gifts
Lily, Maylin, Luda, Susie, &
Juliana enjoy the last Penza meal
Dawnita's table breaks
for a picture
DSC02259 DSC02262    
Smile, Erin and Sam! Marina and Angelica
show off the cake