Christmas in Penza

December 31, 2004
Nizhny Lomov & Jonah's Arrival

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DSC01970 DSC01984 DSC01997 DSC01998
Party girl Thumbs up, Euvgeny Haley and Luba get ready
for the festivities
Galya and Larissa enjoy a hug
DSC02003 DSC02005 DSC02006 DSC02007
Sasha, Natasha, and their
American friends
Siobhan and company Karen and Veronica enjoy
a giggle together
Rudy and friend
mug for the camera
DSC02013 DSC02024 DSC02033 DSC02056
10-4 Good Buddy, Sasha Sherri prepares goody
bags for the Nizhni kids
Sue and friend
enjoy the program
Beat the goalie
DSC02063 DSC02065 DSC02067 DSC02078
Sasha and Natasha take their
chances with the crocodile
Wac that mole! Ready, aim, fire! Happy New Year!
DSC02081 DSC02089 DSC02100 DSC02105
Matt and friends A fireworks show to remember Light the fuse and run! Watching fireworks in the snow