Meet the Broken Dancers...

My name is Alexei, but my friends call me Alex. Right now I study at the University of Architecture. I also dance and thank God for that because He gave me that gift. Now I choreograph for the group Broken Dancers. I teach younger kids how to dance. I pray for my education in the University and for my strong spirit in Christ. I feel like He is calling me to serve Him. Please pray for my parents and friends. Praise God that He allowed me to come to America a second time and go to many places such as churches, jails, schools, and many others. I pray for you and ask God to bless everyone. Thank you to Christ for all He has done for us. Your brother in Christ, Alexei

My name is Andre. I am 13 years old. I study in school #63. I have a dream to come back to America some day. Please pray for support for my needs and to grow deeper spiritually. When I grow up I want to be a coach or trainer.

My name is Dima (Dave). I'm 18 and my birthday is January 3, 1986. I study at the University in the 2nd course. I will pray for each one of your needs. I have a brother Alexei, he's 19. In the future I dream to be an engineer or an operator AVM. Please pray for my parents and all that they need. With joy, Dima

My name is Sasha and I'm 18. I study at Letchey #4. My dream is to become a real-live missionary. I believe in Christ and thank God that He found me and died for my sins and no matter what we do He still loves us and will never give up on us. I want to serve God all my life.
My name is Sergei and I'm 18. My birthday is January 30, 1986. I study at the 2nd University in the 2nd course. I really love to play soccer. I also have 2 sisters, Julia and Galia and I thank God that He gave me my two older sisters. They are both older than me and I just want to help my sisters in all ways I can. Pray for my needs and also for the dormatory where i live, that we can solve all these problems together. Also that God will make me strong in all the things I do.

Hello my name is Slava. I’m 18 years old and I’m from Penza Russia. Now I live in Coppell, TX with my great friends. I have dream to help my brother to buy a good house. I hope that GOD will help me and I know what GOD is doing is best for me and other people. GOD BLESS all of you, Slava

My name is Vlad. I am 20 years old. I study in school #6 and want to be a teacher or a lawyer. It is very important to me that I grow strong and love the Lord and friends. I ask you to pray for me to be a strong Christian. I thank God that he allowed me to come to America and am very glad that I can serve God. Don't forget the very important thing that He is our Father and He will love us forever and never stop loving us or leave us. With good hopes to you, Vladlen