June 17, 2004

Dear Prayer Partners,

It's been a great time here in Nairobi for the last couple weeks. God has been good in allowing me the opportunity to serve among the youth in the slum areas of Nairobi. It's been an incredible experience as I've been able to hear and see what life is like for thousands of young people who live in the slums. It's still hard for me to imagine what life is like for them as many do not have parents or families to take care of them and some are addicted to drugs or inhalants that are cheap and easy to get in the city. But God is still having an impact among these youth in the slums as there are those youth who have a desire to stay away from those harmful things and desire to have a loving and growing relationship with their heavenly Father!! It's great to be able to meet and talk with those who are Christians living in the slum areas. Some of them realize the impact and witness they can have among their peers in influencing them to get rid of the sinful/harmful practices and live a life of freedom in Jesus Christ. But there are so many of the youth who have no feeling of purpose for their lives. They are easily entangled in a destructive way of life that is so common among those who grow up in the slums. Pray that as we meet with them that they would see and experience the joy and freedom that is available in Jesus Christ. We've had a great time just sitting with groups of the youth and talking about anything from sports to spiritual issues. It's also been great playing soccer with them as it gets them together as a group and they have the opportunity to "get away" from the daily struggles and influences that they face each day. With some of the youth we get to do our sports activities at a scout camp that is located in a nearby forested region of the city of Nairobi away from their normal way of life in the crowded slum.

This coming Saturday we are going to have a soccer tournament with a large group of the youth that we've been working with. It will be a somewhat informal tournament that will include youth from the ages of 10 to 19 years old. Pray that it would be a great time of fellowship and fun for all of us and that the message we share with them would make an impact in each one of their lives. I am also looking into purchasing Bibles for the youth I'm working with as many of them do not have a Bible. Please pray that those who receive them will be eager to read God's Word and that their lives would be transformed!!

Pray for me as I've been sick the last couple days with cold or sinus problems. I've had to take it easy the last day or two and try to get extra rest. I haven't had a fever or anything, but because of the symptoms I've almost lost my voice. Today I can barely talk and it's hard to go and meet with all the youth when I don't have my voice as I want to talk with them and they want to talk with me! Pray that I would get the full use of my voice soon!! Pray that my actions would speak of my love for Christ in spite of the disappearance of my voice.

Serving Him,
Eric Sundene <{{{><


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