June 29, 2004

My time here in Nairobi, Kenya for the month of June has flown by and its been a great experience. Tonight I will be getting on the airplane for my return back to Texas. I would like to say a BIG Texas "THANK YOU" to all of you for you prayers, encouragement and continued support. It's been an incredible experience here in Nairobi over the last couple weeks in being able to serve and minister the gospel of Jesus Christ among the youth of the slum area's of Nairobi. We've had a great time of building friendships and having fun playing basketball, soccer and just hangin' out talking!! It's been a busy month here and even yesterday I woke up and had a full day of ministry opportunities. Yesterday morning I was able to meet with the 12 guys who are street kids in the slums we've been working with. I got to take them to the market and buy some things for them such as mattresses, flooring, blankets and food as they are all living together in a 10ft. by 7ft. room in Kibera slum. It's the winter season here and it can actually get very cold here at night, sometimes as low as the 40's, and these guys had nothing to sleep on or blankets to cover up with when they went into their room to sleep at night. It also rained this morning which made it a slippery muddy mess to walk around the market and the slum area to be able to get these things done. But God is good and they were excited about the things they were receiving and then we finished by eating lunch together! I would like you to keep these guys in your prayers and I will be updating everyone soon on ways you can minister and consider supporting these guys in specific ways. Some of these guys are still involved in the ways of street life and need your prayers to break free from these harmful ways - drugs, stealing and mischief...

In the afternoon I got to meet with another group of youth to teach and play basketball with them. It was a fun and funny time of playing basketball as most of them have never played before and are still learning the basics of the game such as dribbling!! After this I tried to quickly get over to Dedan's apartment (the guy I've been working with here) to eat dinner with his family, but because of the heavy traffic this was the usual 1 to 2 hour bus ride in Nairobi rush hour traffic. For those of you who think rush hour traffic is bad in the DFW area, you should come here for a couple weeks and try to get around the city!

Well, I better finish up as it's past midnight and I have a busy day tomorrow preparing to fly back. I would appreciate your prayers for my trip. I will be arriving on Wednesday June 30th at DFW airport on British Airways flight #2193. It's supposed to arrive at Terminal B at 2:20pm (Texas Time - I'm 8 hours ahead - I think??) if it's on-time. I would suggest logging on to the internet or calling the airline before leaving for the airport to check the status of the flight. Thanks so much for your prayers and it will be great to be able to share and show you all that God has and is doing here in Nairobi among the youth!!

Arrival on June 30th - British Airways FLIGHT 2193 - Terminal B - at 2:20pm - DFW Airport

In Christ,
Eric Sundene <{{{><
Romans 12:1-2


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